Archaeological monuments of Palkino district

Within the project «Archeology, authority and community: cooperation to protect archaeological heritage» the main priority is the preservation of general archaeological heritage of border territories of Pskov region and Latvia and Estonia. In July-August 2012 the staff of Independent Non-Profit Organization «Pskov Archaeological Center» carried out the inspection of 60 archaeological monuments in Palkino district of Pskov region which again became a boundary district in 1992.

Project informative events in summer 2012 in Aluksne

Within the cross-border project “ARCHAEOLOGY, AUTHORITY AND COMMUNITY: cooperation to protect archaeological heritage” several events for local community were organized in Alūksne. Their aim was to show the importance of archeology and its connection to history and also to give an opportunity to learn about the local heritage that is hidden in the ground. Events were focused at various audiences and one topic was adjusted for different listeners (pupils, adults, youth etc.).

Rescue excavations on Karula Niklusmägi Cemetery

On August 3–15 and 23 the University of Tartu had archaeological rescue excavations on the Iron Age, medieval and post-medieval cemetery of Rautina Niklusmägi. The hill got its name from the chapel of St. Nicholas that stood there in Catholic times. The site is located in Valgamaa county, Karula parish and community, ca. 5 km north-east of Valga town and ca. 4 km north of the Estonian-Latvian border.

Information day in Kaagvere village

On 11th of August archaeologists from University of Tartu held an information day dedicated to rescue excavations on Niklusemäe cemetery. Archaeologists talked about their work and how they use artifacts to create a coherent Picture of the Past. The visitors were introduced to different prehistoric and medieval artifacts and also had a chance to learn about ancient burial rites.

Prehistoric handcraft seminar in Rõuge

Partner 1 of the AAC project in cooperation with Tartu University’s archaeologists and Non-profit association Arheopolis organized a prehistoric handcraft workshop for school children at the reconstruction of Viking Age house in Rõuge on 10th- 18th July. Workshop was a part of ongoing experimental archaeology project, were the reconstructed Iron Age environment is used for interdisciplinary education program.