Information days for Alūksne teachers and pupils

On 30th October 2013 within the Latvian-Estonian-Russian cross-border project “Archaeology, authority & community: cooperation to protect archaeological heritage” the Institute of Latvian History at the University of Latvia, in cooperation with history teacher Iveta Mikijanska of E. Gliks Alūksne State High School, organized an information days event for the local history teachers from Alūksne and Ape. Project Manager Guntis Gerhards read a lecture on bioarchaeology and its role in Latvian and world history research.

The lecture highlighted the latest studies in bioarchaeology and its potential role within educational programmes in history for school pupils, as well in the preparation of research papers. The discussion touched on such questions as: the periodization of prehistory in Latvia, as well the necessity for more education at school about archaeology and the cultural heritage in Latvia.  The event was attended by 11 persons.

To help school pupils understand the significance of the cultural heritage and explain the need to protect it Guntis Gerhards talked to senior pupils from E.Gliks Alūksne State High School and Alūksne County High School. His lectures covered archaeology, archaeological monuments and the archaeological heritage of Alūksne County.

Which scientific disciplines study the development and history of the country and society, and what is the role of archaeology among these disciplines?  What is archaeology? What do archaeologists study and how do they conduct their research? What branches of archaeological science exist today? These are the questions that were addressed. The pupils were introduced to the various groups of archaeological monuments in Alūksne County and to the necessity of preserving them. Special attention was given to the damage done by treasure hunters. The lecture was attended by 45 pupils and teachers at Alūksne County High School and by 68 pupils and teachers at Alūksne State High School.

Text and photos by G.Gerhards, Project Manager, and A.Vilcāne, State and Project Coordinator