Inspection with archaeology club, near Pskov

On November 2, the participants of the student archaeology club in Pskov participated in the inspection of archaeological monuments that were located on the eastern side of Lake Pskov. The itinerary of the inspection was through the northern part of the Pskov region. Altogether, seven monuments were visited: barrow cemetery near  Грядище, barrow cemetery near Новоселье, barrow.zhalnik cemetery near Спасовщина; hill-fort near Люботеж, single barrow near Люботеж, barrow-zhalnik cemetery near Люботеж and barrow-zhalnik cemetery near Городня.

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During the inspection, a new monument, the barrow-zhalnik cemetery near Городня, was discovered. A large area of the barrow-zhalnik cemetery is used as a contemporary one. Its existence was revealed by the construction and shape of the preserved zhalniks and it can be dated to 12th-13th centuries.

Most of the visited monuments had been excavated in 1928-1929 during the explorations of Б.А.Коишевскйи and  Н.Н.Чернягин who are widely known for their publications dedicated to the pskovian long barrow culture, barrow cemetery of  Совий Бор (Грядище) and hill-fort of Люботеж. The participants of archeological inspection also visited the barrow-zhalnik cemetery near Люботеж that had been excavated in late 1970s by the members of  archaeology club of the faculty of history of the pedagogical institute of Pskov.  

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The state of the monuments can be considered satisfactory. Unfortunately, e.g. barrow-zhalnik cemetery near Люботеж was partially destroyed by a quarry and forestworkers.

Despite numerous obstacles such as russian roads and other evil forces, the incpection was completed and the students are looking forward to new challenges.

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